Q and a Ships First Visit


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Transition · Byss · Ocean Pay · Informational Presentation · Transition Card · Reporting to Your Agency

Am I guaranteed continued employment with the new company?
As long as you complete your current contract to the satisfaction of your current employer, the new company is going to offer you the same position that you currently hold on board along with the same contractual benefits that you currently enjoy.  However, the name of your position might change in order to maintain the position structure of the new company.

Who is going to be my new employer?
Your new employer will be Island Ship Services Limited or ISSL, which is an affiliate company of The Apollo Group.

What are the crew contract conditions of ISSL?
Contract conditions are in accordance with the requirements of the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF).  The length of a contract varies from position to position, but it is usually 8 months in duration. After the successful completion of a contract, the company will issue a return letter of employment (RLOE) that provides you with a return date and the name of the vessel you are assigned to.

How am I going to get paid?
The new company has a pre-paid card solution called Ocean Pay, which is essentially a pre-paid debit card that allows you to manage your money online, withdraw funds on board and from shore side ATMs or simply use it like a regular bank debit card for purchases ashore or at home.  For more detailed information on Ocean Pay, please visit www.theapollogroup.com/transition-oceanpay-info/

What is the vacation policy?
After successfully completing a full contact, you are usually given two (2) months of leave.  The exact length of your leave may vary a little depending on the operational needs of the ship and the ports that allow for a cost-effective crew movement operation.  You can extend and/or shorten your leave by submitting a special request 90 days ahead of time.  However, you should be aware of the fact that the extension of your leave may affect the rotation and you may be required to stay at home for an extended period of time until a position slot becomes available for you to rejoin a ship.

Can we transfer to other ships operated by affiliate companies of The Apollo Group?
For the short term Apollo and Thomson will want to retain as many crew as possible who are familiar with Thomson Celebration and Thomson Dream on those ships.  However, in the future, subject to Thomson's approval, there may be opportunities to transfer across to other brands

How many ships does The Apollo Group Manage?
The Apollo Group has established operating divisions that manage the needs of its clients.  These operating divisions are as follows:

 - Island Ship Services Limited: 3 ships
 - Seven Seas Services Limited: 3 ships and a 4th one being added in 2016
 - International Cruise Services, Inc.: 5 ships

What is the ISSL Air Ticket Policy?
New hires pay for their initial joining tickets.  After a successfully completed contract, the company will provide repatriation and rejoining tickets. 

Do I have to provide any deposits?
The company asks you to deposit the amount of USD 600 at the beginning of your contract for any charges that you might incur during your contract. 

How does the medical work for ISSL?
Your recruitment agency will assist you with obtaining the pre-employment medical examination (PEME) documents that are required for you to join or re-join. The PEME process can be started as far as 45 days before your joining date, but all medical examination papers must be submitted not later than 21 days before you are supposed to depart for your assignment. The PEME will be at your own cost.

What kind of visa do I have to apply for? Who pays for this?
If you join in a European port, you will likely have to apply for a Schengen visa.  If you have to transit through the United States of America to join your assigned ship, you are required to have a U.S. crewmen transit visa that is called C1/D.  The company will reimburse the actual cost of the visa when you join the assigned vessel.  However, the company will NOT pay for any visa services fees or any other cost in connection with obtaining the visa. Your recruitment agency will provide you with the exact information with regard to the visas that you will have to obtain.

What kind of travel documents do I need to have?
You need a passport that is valid for not less than one (1) full year from the date you join the vessel.  In addition, you are required to hold a national seaman’s book that is also valid for a minimum of one year.

Do I need to change recruitment agency?
There may be a need for you to report to a new recruitment agency in your country of residence.  However, ISSL will provide you will all pertinent information at the time you sign off the vessel at the end of your current contract.

Where can I get more information about ISSL and working for them?
You can download, view or print the crew information guide “Before You Set Sail” for ISSL from the following link: www.theapollogroup.com/transition-byss/. Additionally HR representatives will be onboard each vessel in early July to answer your questions or you may email us at any time at transition@theapollogroup.com and all questions will be answered within 3 business days.

Time & Attendance

The company’s in-house Time & Attendance software, combined with the newest technology of hardware allows for seamless recording of all activities such as work, rest and various trainings. The product as such is interactive with payroll and HR systems and was developed specifically in consideration of the latest most recent ILO Maritime Labor Convention (MLC).