Galley Operations Engineering


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The Apollo Group

We can help you maximize your food operation by putting in place proven systems and quality controls. With our help, you will maximize your food product, reduce waste, and eliminate workforce redundancy.

  • Galley operation workload organization and analysis
  • Working schedule
  • Manning master list
  • Definition of number of chefs needed according to:
    • The standard and exigencies of the product
    • The positions in the galley hierarchy
    • The specialties of cuisine
    • The specific requirement of the client
  • Build the right food master list according to the menus
  • Select the right merchandises for your menus
  • Determine the food cost and manpower cost according to the product
  • Menu design
  • Build the necessary modules of training to maintain a high level of performances of the team
  • Provide the necessary management tools when it comes to
    • Recipe management
    • Manuals
    • Food cost control
    • Requisition control
    • Time keeping control
    • Financial control
    • Purchasing and orders