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The Apollo Group

Apollo Expands Onboard It Innovation With Improvements To Oceanpay Program

New Payroll System Features Include Exception Pay, Connect to Crew and Brightwell Navigator

MIAMI, October 14, 2015 — The Apollo Group announced today that it has improved and diversified its proprietary OceanPay program to better meet the needs of the cruise line industry.

A best-in-class custom hotel operations provider for cruise lines around the world, The Apollo Group joined forces with Brightwell Payments in 2011 to pioneer the OceanPay cashless payroll system, which has been exceptionally well received by Apollo’s 6,500 shipboard employees.

OceanPay has been expanded and enhanced to better serve its employees, and improvements include the introduction of three new features: Exception Pay, Connect2Crew and Brightwell Navigator.

Exception Pay is a cashless sign-off payroll procedure, which ensures instant funding of sign-off pay to crewmembers. This new feature eliminates the inherent risks of theft or loss involved when crewmembers carry large sums of money while in transit from the vessel to their homes.

Meanwhile, Connect2Crew, Apollo’s proprietary web-based communication platform, allows crew to access their automated pay slips from anywhere in the world. Future expansion will offer two-way communication for crew schedules, time and attendance records, flight details and other related information.

Finally, Brightwell Navigator grants crewmembers access to a secure online portal, giving them greater control over their wage distributions and finances. This new feature allows employees to send wages directly to a bank account, an OceanPay Prepaid Card, or both; revise bank accounts and allocations online; send money in local currency or USD; shop online with the OceanPay Prepaid Card; and receive personalized welfare information and service offerings.

Apollo is currently operating the OceanPay program on eleven vessels, with three more to be added by 2016.

For more information, contact Stewart Mandy at smandy@theapollogroup.com or visit www.theapollogroup.com