Rafael Carreras
Vice President, Finance and Administration
The Apollo Group


An honors graduate of Florida International University, Mr. Rafael ‘Ray’ Carreras, holds numerous positions with members of the Apollo Group. Starting his career in International Banking, from which he moved into electronics industry wherein his duties included not just the financial area but also being assigned the total operational responsibilities of subsidiaries of several publicly traded companies. Besides sitting on the Boards of the Apollo Group member companies, Mr. Carreras has also sat on various Boards outside the Group, including several Cruise Industry companies.

Since joining the Apollo Group in 1982, Mr. Carreras, not only has he been responsible for the entire financial and administrative functions of the Group, but he also has been responsible for the negotiating of all the contracts for the group including vessel acquisitions and financing as well as directing and overseeing the development and operation of the Group’s information systems.

With a broad spectrum of knowledge and experience garnered not just from the Cruise Industry, Mr. Carreras has been and continues to be, a vital contributor to the growth and maturation of the organization from a small organization to the diversified enterprise it is today.