Philippe Faucher
Vice President
Global Business Development / European Operations


He originally trained as a chef in the UK, working for Louis Outhier at the Grosvenor House Hotels’ ‘Ninety Park Lane’ Michelin-starred restaurant in London, then on to Michel Roux’s three-starred Waterside Inn. He also worked for the Comtess de Paris in EU. He then worked on cruise ships, notably those of Celebrity Cruise Line, as executive chef for about seven years. Ever the entrepreneur, he then set up a food and beverage consulting firm in the US and consulted for one to two ship operations, and hence became more involved in the purchasing and logistics aspect of the business.

Philippe joined the Apollo Group as Director of Operations for the Island Cruises division, and then as Managing Director of Barcelona Ship Supply, one of the Group’s most successful ventures. Philippe is a key player in the Group’s diversification efforts, and now oversees the Group’s new enterprise, Apollo Global Catering.