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The Apollo Group

Announcing the launch of Apollo Global Catering

Miami, FL – December 15, 2011 – Providing solutions to customers around the world has been the core business of the Apollo Group for more than 40 years, and to this end, Apollo Global Catering has launched a response to the industry needs to provide a seamless, worry-free, professional delivery of support services for the skilled workforce.

Apollo Global Catering is a joint partnership between the Apollo Group, and Global Catering, which currently provides catering services, supplies, labor and logistics to locations in South America and beyond.

With over 20 years of remote camp management experience, Apollo Global Catering is uniquely qualified to provide the highest level of service, while ensuring a safe, healthy and positive experience under the most demanding conditions.

Apollo Global Catering understands that the productivity of a camp is directly influenced by the quality and atmosphere of the dining experience. For needs ranging from camp management to the providing of support staff, Apollo Global Catering has the experience and commitment to excellence that ensures that all service needs are met.

Providing North American warehousing and operational facilities in Miami, and European facilities in Barcelona, together with South American facilities located in the heart of the biggest oil reserve in the world, El Tigre, Venezuela, each facility has its own fleet of trucks, serving locations within the area.

Apollo Global Catering’s executive management team is lead by Philippe Faucher - Managing Director, who brings a wealth of knowledge in both operating and managing remote site projects. With a strong background in hospitality, and a degree in food and beverage, Philippe has proven that excellent service and impeccable product delivery standards can be ensured in the most efficient circumstances. Executive Vice-President Giuseppe D'Agostino started in the field of Global Remote Site Catering at an early age, after completing his first experiences on cruise vessels. Having worked for various international companies before owning and operating his own business, Giuseppe has been a key asset in developing the camp business model around the world in such locations as Africa, the Middle East, South America and Asia.

For more information, contact Giselle St. Onge, Corporate Communications, saintonge@apolloships.com or visit www.apolloships.com